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Custom Gripper


The Stealth Retainers Custom Grippers are finally here! Made from 100% food and skin safe silicone, these grippers have several features that make them an excellent addition to your Stealth Retainers gear. We make these ourselves!

Custom Gripper Size


Categories: Retainer Accessories

Product Reviews


Still waiting!

From: Al Miller - Verified Purchase

Oct. 12, 2021

I ordered one custom gripper two weeks ago with the hopes of ordering a few more once the proper size had been verified. According to an email the order was processed a few days later and mailed eight days ago. I’m hoping this was mailed in the USA and I can have more soon.

the new custom gripper is great

From: GRO - Verified Purchase

Sept. 29, 2021

It is comfortable and works well. The custom gripper allows me to use heavier weights and not have the unit fall off. The size 14 gripper also works on a DTR very well. thanks for excellent products.

Not ready for prime time

From: Brad - Verified Purchase

July 28, 2021

No matter what I do I cannot keep this from cutting off my blood flow or simply not holding. I prefer the original retainer made out of a baby bottle nipple. Lest you think I've only tried one...I have SEVEN of these in different sizes and different materials. Stealth Retainers worked very hard to try and make this work for me, but it just doesn't. I love everything about the whole kit, but if I can't wear it it's completely useless. I'm looking elsewhere for another product that will work. My original retainer made from the nipple won't grip anymore and I don't feel like paying EIGHT BUCKS for a frickin' baby bottle nipple. I've spent a ton of money on this stuff that I can't use, I'm extremely frustrated.

Great grippers

From: William - Verified Purchase

April 29, 2021

I received two grippers a week ago a snug fit and a comfort fit. I love these two both hold well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I have other products that i have purchased and by fare Stealthretainer is the best for the money. Customer service is outstanding and i would recommend this product for beginners of restoration or for those that are much more advanced in there journey. Keep up the good work.

Great Product and Amazing Customer Service

From: Brian - Verified Purchase

April 14, 2021

These custom grippers are great, surely a step up from the standard grippers. I originally ordered a snug and a comfort fit, but because of a previous website sizing mistake, one of them wasn't the correct size for my gripper. Luckily they are sending a replacement and I should have it any day now. I was able to use one of the grippers as a "snug" fit, and it is perfect. With this gripper, the retainer stays in place, even with all of the advanced weights added. Its also comfortable enough to wear most of the day. This is exactly what I was looking for. My only compliant (more of a preference), I just wish the material was a little clearer so I could tell exactly where the skin is and if any is bunched up.

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