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Standard P-Tainer


This threaded retainer is intended for our budget minded customers. Produced from high quality and thoroughly tested materials - our economy retainers are a great value.

This device is intended for use with foreskin restoration and/or "retaining". Retaining refers to keeping loose skin rolled over your glans to protect it.

We offer FREE size exchanges if your retainer doesn't fit properly! Just pay shipping on the replacement. **We discard any returned products that come in direct contact with skin**

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

Include Gripper
Add Retainer Bulge
Standard Retainer Color
Retainer Size
Frenulum Notch


Product Reviews


it was missing pieces

From: Thomas - Verified Purchase

April 20, 2021

I just opened mine and it was missing the top part with the bolt

Absolutely Positively Surprised

From: Flor. P - Verified Purchase

April 19, 2021

I am happily wearing the retainer for the second day now and I have to
admit I am absolutely positively surprised.

It perfectly fits and gives me a new, uniquely pleasant feeling of being
protected that I cannot recall because I got circed at 4 for medical

I'm 56 now but one could rather think of a healthy fourtysomething.
(Says my wife).

She agrees completely with my wish of wearing the retainer even though
she doesn't want me to completely undo the old damage.
Her muslim culture simply demands for a circed husband which I
completely respect (and luckily never had to deeper discuss since all
our children are girls).

Over the last three years I suffered a remarkable loss of sensitivity -
of which my doc says it might be age-related. Thus we are hoping to
regain a more sensitive head through the new protection within the next

What is special: I am starting with a considerable, double-ridged
skin bulge because peyronie's disease has bent upwards and shortened my
shaft by about 20 mm before it finally stopped. Okay, that's a loss on
one hand. But looking at it positively you can see a benefit: in
comparison to a "normal" beginner I am at least six months or so in
advance, skin-lengthwise (-;

Immediately impressed!

From: TJ - Verified Purchase

March 30, 2021

I found the website very useful in deciding the appropriate size that I needed. I reached out to Zak for additional support and he was very helpful and responsive. I ordered a retainer in black, a gripper and a black bulge retainer. When I received the product, I tried it and was very impressed with the size, comfort and appearance. I highly recommend this product!


From: Brian B - Verified Purchase

Feb. 22, 2021

I went by measuring and ordered a large. The inner plastic cone was too small around and only went half way down glans. I could deal with that just had to work hard to get skin over it and retained by the silicone outer cone. That part seemed a little too big and often allowed the retainer to come off with tension. Then after a month it was so loose it wouldn't stay on at all. To be honest the silicone part looks like a baby bottle nipple cut. There was a 2 raised on the inside marking the size. Who would want a raised number digging into their skin? The screw on retainer doesn't do anything. It doesn't hold the silicone cone on tight. It's not weighted so it doesn't pull. All it does is closes off the hole. It would actually be possible to pee thru the hole if you leave it off but I wouldn't advise. That would be a good way to get skin infections. I even tried heading the silicone in hot water the letting it shrink in the freezer. I would be better off going to walmart and buy 3 baby nipples for under 2 bucks and making my own. Total waist of money. I already have a half foreskin and this is nothing but dressing. I am sure this one star review will be removed.

Just perfect

From: Jason f - Verified Purchase

Feb. 11, 2021

I bought this as anything eles wondering if it gonna fit. And wow it's a perfect fit it stays on everything and the fact u can pee thur it is great.
I plan to next order the weights for this up coming week will tell others about this and order parts as I need to grow more skin. Again thank you so much for making what you do. Will keep buying

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