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Standard Weight Set - 16oz


This stealthy weighted tugging system lets you add weights to your P-tainer (included) to get a nice stretch and grow new skin. This set includes our standard P-tainer, 1 black powder coated 16oz weight plus accessories.

Retainer Size
Gripper Option
Choose Retainer Type
Add Retainer Bulge
Weight Bulge and Spacer Color


Categories: Weights

Product Reviews


Awesome device!

From: Austin Rogers - Verified Purchase

June 4, 2020

I would recommend this product to people who work at home! Once assembled it is extremely easy to put on and take off! Just make sure to do a regular check on the device and it’s screw as it can unscrew itself and disassemble if it gets too loose. It is also difficult to hide in clothing. Overall a good product!

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