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Premium Knob Tugger


This shift knob inspired tugger screws into any of our retainers to give you a great way to manually tug on your retainer and stretch your skin. Just grab and pull!

This knob is made from our premium SUPER smooth material and weights about 2oz - leave it attached to your retainer during the day to have an easy way to tug anytime.

This and all of our other products are designed and manufactured in the USA!



Categories: Tugging Accessories

Product Reviews


Gives It A Handle

From: Jesse Lonnen - Verified Purchase

Aug. 19, 2021

Prior to the knob tugger I would just pull on the retainer bulge. The knob tugger makes it easier for tugging. The knob tugger fits the hand better giving better control. If you don’t mind dropping $25 on one, then this is a good addition to a stealth retainer system for foreskin growth. I recommend it.

Now THIS is a Tugger!

From: Russell H - Verified Purchase

March 14, 2021

It is nice to actually have a handle to be able to tug when you want to (usually at home I would think) and this definitely fill that bill! PERFECT size, and not terribly noticeable either. Since the bolt is well epoxied in, there is no worry of it falling out. THANKS for making such a great P-tainer accessory!

This is fun!

From: L.A. - Verified Purchase

May 24, 2020

I enjoy using the Knob Tugger to help my skin growth. This is a go to when I'm sitting down just wanting to chill for the evening, screw this little dude in, and can easily add some manual tugging to my program.

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